Headbonk Goomba






Flipside Pit of 100 Trials

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Headbonk Goombas are a variation of a Goomba. They are very rare species and have only appeared in the game: Super Paper Mario. They are pale in color and have red feet. Headbonk Goombas also have dark relatives called Dark Headbonk Goomba.

Super Paper MarioEdit

Headbonk Goombas only appear in one room of the pit of 100 trails in one game, therefore it could be one of the rarest species of Goomba known. They appear in level 99 of the Flipside Pit of 100 trails. They attack differently as they jump onto Mario in order to headbonk him. However, in room 99, there are many Headbonk Goombas and could possibly overtake him by storm so Mario must take caution.


HP: 1
Attack: 2
Defense: 0

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