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Welcome to the Wiki-wordmark

This is a wiki where you can get info to the Mario Enemies. From Boos to Bowser, and Purple Punchers to Goombas. The wiki is still under construction.

NOTE: Just the because the wiki is under construction doesn't mean you can't help. You are allowed to edit and create pages for enemies. Please do enjoy the wiki :). Any questions or comments? Tell Dragonballgtgoku or Adam9812 or leave a comment below.


Now, the current project is the SPM Project. Paper Mario template is SPMP.

We have started the Super Mario Galaxy project, who's goal is to improve coverage of SMG and SMG2 enemies! Here is the template: SMGP.

New pages are being added for this wiki.  Please help out with the pages. The slideshow shows all current enemies on the wiki.

Questions and Answers

These Questions will come around frequently.

Questions Answers
Are these all the pages there will be? No, the wiki is under construction and adding new pages.
Can I become a chat moderator or admin? Don't leave comments on pages, ask Dragonballgtgoku or see the Promotion Page.
When will the wiki be finished? There are two answers:

  • Not for a while. There's LOTS and I mean LOTS of Enemies. But the more people help out, the faster the wiki can be finished.
  • We will never be 'finished'. More and more enemies are added, so we will always have more to add.
What is a Project?/What is the current project? A series of edits and additions of articles for enemies in a game. The current one is the Super Paper Mario Project.

Questions or Comments?

Have any questions or comments? Leave one here and please leave a signature so we may get back to you. As a wiki, improvement is always necessary. :)

Wiki Affiliations

Check out these other wikis!

  • All Enemies Wiki - Wiki on enemies of all sorts

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