The Following Rules must be followed by every user in order to prevent any problems on the wiki. Sub rule pages are Rules/Comments.


  • You may not edit another user's profile page without their permission. If you do so without permission: (1st Time- You will receive a warning. 2nd time, you will receive a day long block. Anytime afterwards results in a three day block. If committed too many times, permanently blocked.)
  • You will not engage in edit wars. If you do: (1st Time, You and the other user(s) will receive warnings and a day long block. If a second time, then the users will receive a week long ban. If done once more, any users in the edit war will be banned permanently.)
  • You will not use your promotion (if you are promoted) for personal benefits/gain. If you are caught doing so, you will be demoted and you will be ineligible for any future promotions.
  • You may not spam or vandalize pages on the wiki. Doing so results in a three day block and if done again, the block span will increase.
  • You will not insult or harass any users. Doing so results in a permanent ban IF you do not stop. Insulting and harassment includes making any negative, cuss word, or sexual remarks towards users.
  • You cannot create nor participate in Sock Puppetry. If you are caught doing or using a sock puppet for personal gain, you will receive an infinite ban. NO EXCEPTIONS.